We want your vote!

August 23, 2013

We are conducting a series of surveys to pick a list to choose the Top 10 Hard Rock Cafe shot glasses, which are considered hard to get or truly loved or drooled over or expensive or chased after or forever a pipe dream because it’s that rare…  Are you still following me?

Anyway, if you’d like to vote in this survey it will be available until Monday, August 26.  The time that it comes down is totally random – so that no one waits until the last second.  If you’re interested in voting – go do it now.  The voting period is short because well, we’re a small group and anyone that is going to vote, tends to do it within the first 3 days.  Hence, the survey comes down some time on Monday.

Here’s how survey #2 works (and I apologize, I didn’t publish the post for survey #1 so you may have missed it):

These picks were originally made up from suggestions on the group forum.  During the first survey, voters could also suggest shots that should have been included.  Survey #2 is made up of the top picks from Survey #1 and all the writes-ins.  There are 39 shots for consideration.  You may vote for 16 of them.  You may vote for less than 16 if you don’t think all the options are worthy BUT you cannot vote for more than 16 of the choices.


Thanks to all who played along previously, cheers!


Florida Shot Event 2010 Update

April 12, 2010

Hi everyone!

The schedule is still moving forward for this years Hard Rock Cafe Shot Glass Collectors Event:

  • Friday June 11 –  Evening at the Hollywood, FL Hard Rock Cafe (time TBD)
  • Saturday June 12 – Afternoon/Evening at the Miami Hard Rock Cafe (time TBD)

Pre-Party is being worked on but expect it to be on Thursday, June 10.  My condo is a bit small but other options are focusing in Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale) area.

Unfortunately, for those trying to include a baseball game in this trip, the Marlins are not at home during the event dates (unless you go to see them in Tampa on the 13th or Miami on the 15th).

Cruise is being postponed from this event to the October Pin event.  More details as this gets worked out. 

Remember that everyone is welcome to attend the Shot Glass Collectors Event so come on out!

– Trevor

Questions regarding the event?  – from this blog, please email webmaster@hrcshots.com

Bottle Openers – the next collection

October 24, 2009

When it was first requested that I create a page for the bottle opener collection, it seemed like no big deal.  How many bottle openers could there be?  Shouldn’t take more than a few hours to put together.  Well ppppfffffttttt, did I ever get an education in this collection f-a-s-t! 

A word of advise to those starting in HRC bottle openers, there’s a lot to chase down!  And if you’re a long time collector, well, you must have one cool looking fridge!!

I had no idea that bottle openers have been around for so long or that cafes are putting them out as often as they change t-shirt designs (well, almost).   So a very frowny face goes out to Carmen F. for starting me on these pages and getting me dreaming about bottle openers at night.   Just kidding… on the first part.

Anyhoo, if you’re a bottle opener collector, I’ve started the pages and they are being worked on regularly.   I’m about half way through the alphabet in checking the entire collection against lists provided by collectors.  So fear not when you see the pages, they are still getting openers added to them.  However, I need some help with testing so if you collect these magnetic gems, give the pages a whirl.  I need to have people check:

  1. That each link correctly opens the right picture
  2. Glaring errors (missing bottle openers – from A-K at least)
  3. Naming conventions – I had some help naming them but when checked against eBay every other item would end up being called a V7… so we’ve done the best that we can.
  4. Categories – split them further or combine more of them?
  5. Anything else you’d like to point out

And last but not least, pictures.  I have a lot and there’s more to add but some of the pictures we have are tiny or less than perfect.   If you have better pictures than the ones on the website, or have missing ones, help a Webmaster out!  Sent ’em to me – I’ll crop them and everything.  And just a hint, take the picture on a clean, neutral background for best results. 

Go check out the pages on the website – feedback appreciated.  You can reach the page from the Site Directory page (and the 2 bottle pages link to each other) or here’s the individual links:

For the list by city:


For the list by type:


Cheers, and a thank you in advance to the testers!


email:  webmaster@hrcshots.com