December Website Update

December 9, 2009

Less than 20 days before Christmas… are your ready?! 

What’s Supp?

The bottle opener collection had a lot of updates the past month.  Thanks to all who sent in additional pictures and collection information.  The lists are fairly complete – if anyone notices an opener not listed, please let me know.  Help with missing pictures appreciated! 


Andy Juhl collection silent auction was a great success – thanks to everyone who participated!  

There are still shots available and we’ve decided to list them on ebay.  We have opened a store as well as started to put some shots up on auction.  If you’re looking to fill a few gaps or pick up some trades, check out the bidding4andy store:

Tom E., Lois M. and I are adding shots weekly so check back often.  There are some HRC hurricane and pilsner glasses along with Planet Hollywood shots and of course, HRC shots. 

A big thanks to Lois for all her efforts in making the silent auction a success!  She’s an expert at packing shots for shipping now! 

New Shots released last month: 

Red circle logo

  • Bahrain Large Font
  • Los Angeles
  • Marbella  

City 2009

  • Bahrain
  • Destin


  • Pittsburgh 4 July 2004 Short
  • PIttsburgh Cinco de Mayo 2004 Short
  • Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day 2005 Short
  • Sacramento 4th of July 2004

Removed – new item, refers to shots that were mistakenly listed on the website

  • Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day 2002 Short

Doors Open, Closed and Ajar:

Los Angeles Rock Shop opened Nov. 20

Phuket Cafe opened Nov. 29

Nashville will reopen after renovations on December 7 

Punta Cana is expected to get a Hotel and Casino in the Spring of 2010 

Ocho Rios Cafe is temporarily closed but the Rock Shop is still open 

Rainforest cafe collectors – Kansas City has closed. 

Upcoming Events (shot release unknown for all at this time): 

Texas Shootout – Dallas – December 11/12, 2009

Pins Gone Wild IV – Orlando – January 29-31

Pinaversary – Amsterdam, Cologne, Louisville, Pittsburgh – March 5-7

Texas Pin Shootout – Houston – April

Spring In Berlin – Berlin – May

Washington, DC – July

PinSanity 6 – Las Vegas – September

Pinapalooza – New York, Hollywood FL, Memphis, Athens – October 16 

Cheers (and have a few extra for/with/as Santa)! 



November Website Update

November 3, 2009

Christmas is only 52 days away!  Oops.  Too soon?  Here’s the November update!  Feel better? 


What’s Supp? 

Apparently, I’m the only writer on the group.  What is this about?!  We have a blog now and I’m the only one contributing.  Does it sound like I’m complaining?  I am.  Come on – someones gone to their local cafe, new cafe, event, missing their closed cafe and can write something or send a picture.  Whatever.  It doesn’t have to be long or journalistic.  Send me something!  I already have a personal blog, so I don’t need to write for this one all the time too.  YOU as group members can add to the site.  I don’t even have a local cafe so make me jealous and tell us about yours.  


Moving on…


Are you a HRC bottle opener collector?  Well, has launched a new section to track ’em for you.  It’s still in progress but should be near complete by the end of the month.  Currently, the lists are fairly accurate from A-L.  Have something to add – maybe a picture or two? – let me have it!   


Of note:  As I don’t personally collect the bottle openers, if you are a collector and would like to help keep the pages accurate, please send me updates of new editions.  These particular pages will only be kept up if the collectors send in info.   You can check the current collection pages here: 


For the list by city: 

For the list by type:  


Questions?  Get Answers. 

We have a mountain of knowledge on this group.  A suggestion came in a few months back about having a segment on novice or really, really want to know questions.  If you have something you’ve wanted to ask about the hobby or a particular shot, send me your question.  I’ll throw it against a panel of experts and will post the results to the blog.   


And experts, you’ve been volunteered already.  As soon as I get a question, you’ll get an email to chime in with your knowledge.  Oooo, the suspense. – the shot experts are in.  Got a question?  Give us your best shot.


Coming Up / Stay Tuned 

As most of you know, Andy Juhl was a fellow collector who passed away over the summer.  He asked if Lois, George and I would sell off his collection for Suzie.   We’ve had a lot of enquires about it and we’re finally ready to offer it up to the group.  Details on the auction will hit your inbox really soon.  So watch for it!  All info will be provided then. 


New Shot last month: 

Red Circle:

  • Dallas Red Circle Dessert Flared
  • Hollywood, CA Red Circle Dessert Flared
  • Maui Red Circle Dessert Flared
  • Key West Red Circle Dessert Flared
  • Pune Red Circle Large Font
  • Mumbai Red Circle Large Font

City Shots:

  • Honolulu City 2009
  • New Delhi City 2009
  • Pune City 2009 


  • Tulsa Halloween
  • Las Vegas Hotel Halloween
  • On-Line Fire Bike
  • Washington DC Pinapalooza Event Charity (Fisher House)
  • Washington DC Pinapalooza Event 2009 


  • Kona St Patrick’s Day 2005
  • Tijuana STP Brown & Yellow Logo Small MR Tapered
  • Nassau Mini Hurricane Small Logo Large Font
  • Nassau Black Letter Large “Cafe”
  • Myrtle Beach Park Rock n Roll Heaven with Holder  


Yeah, Baby!  
  • The Toronto Skydome cafe closed on September 27.  One less Canadian cafe…tear. 
  • Penang Hotel opened September 19.  No shot released yet. 
  • Marbella opened October 30.  
  • Gatlinburg cafe turned 10!  It’s a nice drive to the cafe (just past Dollywood!) so if you haven’t been, consider making a trip.  The cafe is pretty cool and the staff are really nice! 
  • Red Circle dessert shots… rumors are flying around that these may hit more cities.  So save room for after lunch/dinner so you can snap these up! 


George S. – always on the hunt (and finds) new shots.  The discovered section is usually brought to us by the letters “G.S.” 
Tom C. – also a successful shot hunter.  Keep ’em coming!
Frank T.  – regular contributor of new shot photos.  Thanks!  
Lois M. – had the honor of inventorying Andy’s “little” collection.  Thanks Lois for your hard work and all the time you put in getting it all together.  Well done!  And thanks for taking pictures of any missing website links!
And to close, it just has to be said.  I lasted 1 week longer at NFL Survivor football than the Shot Queen. I can’t out drink her but I can randomly pick NFL better than her (I don’t watch it!).  Alas, for the record, Lois’ Jaguars got beat this week (BOO!) and my bragging rights are now at an end. 
Questions?  Send ’em to: