The Andy Juhl Collection – 4 Sale

November 7, 2009

If you belong to the Yahoo HRCShots group, you will have received a post detailing that Andy Juhl’s collection is up for silent auction.  Proceeds from the sale of his collection will go to his family.  Here’s the quick version of the process, for everyone’s reference.

Bidders will need a copy of the collection list in order to place a bid.  If required, download it from:

This is a silent auction.  Bid what you are willing to pay, subject to the minimum bid price.  It is not a “first come, first server” process.  Highest bid wins. 

Please follow the email process below to submit your bid.  Bidding is now open and will close on Monday, November 16 at midnight PST.

Placing Your Bid: 


Provide this information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your address
  3. Your email address
  4. Your bid – and make sure to include the following from the Andy Collection Bid Sheet PDF file:
    1. City Name on shot glass
    2. The Shot (i.e.:  Black Letter – Arial font)
    3. Box #  (i.e.: 50)
    4. Slot #  (i.e.: 23)
    5. Bid – this is the price you will pay for the shot if you win. 


Your email should look like this:

Denise B.

Address (shipping info)

Email address

Your bids:

Cologne Black Letter Times Font  51, 23  Bid $11

Rome – Red Letter  56, 19  Bid $6

Tampa Hotel – Full Metallic  72, 22 Bid $15

Please take the time to complete your email bid correctly as it will make this process go smoothly for all involved.  Thanks!

Cheers and good luck to everyone.

Denise, George and Lois

View the collection and download the bid sheet here:

Questions?  Email us at: