Supporting Charity – Buttons for sale!

May 27, 2010

In the blog entries below this one, Trevor is currently accepting HRC items to raffle or auction at the upcoming Florida 2010 HRC Shot Glass Collectors Event.   We are supporting 2 great charities:

The Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital and The Vitas Hospital in memory of Andy Juhl.

At the Pre-Party, there will be buttons sold to raise money for the Vitas Hospital (amongst raffles and auctions).  There are 4 buttons, known as the Monster Series, which will be sold for $3 each.  If you are attending the Florida events, track down Lois M., Carmen F. or Paul H. as they will be selling them.

If you are not attending the events but would like to get your hands on the buttons, the set of 4 buttons is now available on e-Bay.  The set is $15 US, which includes shipping.  Check out auction: 220613044696 to get your set.   A minimum of $12 US will be given to the Vitas Hospital Charity for each set sold ($3 has been set aside to cover shipping and auction fees).  There are 2 different round 2.25 inch and 2 different square 2 inch buttons!

Currently, 100 of each button has been made.  As the sale is for charity, there will be no limit on purchase (buy as many buttons as you like).  Buttons will be reordered if necessary – so if you want the button set, fear not, buttons will be made to cover every order!

Charity round 2.25 inch buttonsCharity square 2 inch buttons

But don’t wait around, mail orders won’t be taken past Wednesday, June 09.  Order now if interested and thanks for supporting our charity efforts!




Further update to the 2010 Shot Event!

May 27, 2010

Just over 2 weeks away!  Thank you to those that have already registered.   For those that haven’t – get on it!

Charity Update:

The HRC charity will be the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.  The Pre-Party charity will be the Vitas Hospice in memory of Andy Juhl.  I am following up about items donated by Corporate and other cafes.  Thank you to those that have e-mailed about donating items for the charity.  It’s not too late to contact me for anyone that hasn’t already and would like to donate.  Those that donate items for the charity will receive a recognition with their laminate (if you donate and can not attend, I’ll mail it to you after the event).


Laminates for each part of the weekend are being finalized.  Soon I should be able to report on the arrival of the official shots for the cafes.  The arrival of the pre-party shot is also close!

Event times and locations:

The time has been set for HWD-FL and MIA as 6 pm to 10 pm

Friday, June 11 is “The Money Shot Event” in Hollywood, FL:

Hard Rock Cafe
1 Seminole Way
Hollywood, FL 33314

Saturday, June 12 is “A Shot in the Dark Event” in Miami, FL:

Hard Rock Cafe
401 Biscayne Blvd. R-200 @ Bayside Marketplace
Miami, FL 33132

Thursday, June 10 – The Pre-Party “Casting the Flock” Unofficial Event will be at John U. Lloyd State Beach Park with a reserved pavilion.  More details to come with dinner menu.  We have an after hours permit and will have the part to ourselves after sundown.  The party is slated to begin at 4 pm!

More “contests” will be organized.  Besides the “Drinking for Royalty” King and Queen on Friday, other “contests” will begin Thursday and run thru the weekend. 

More info to follow as it is finalized so check back here for updates!

– Trevor

December Website Update

December 9, 2009

Less than 20 days before Christmas… are your ready?! 

What’s Supp?

The bottle opener collection had a lot of updates the past month.  Thanks to all who sent in additional pictures and collection information.  The lists are fairly complete – if anyone notices an opener not listed, please let me know.  Help with missing pictures appreciated! 


Andy Juhl collection silent auction was a great success – thanks to everyone who participated!  

There are still shots available and we’ve decided to list them on ebay.  We have opened a store as well as started to put some shots up on auction.  If you’re looking to fill a few gaps or pick up some trades, check out the bidding4andy store:

Tom E., Lois M. and I are adding shots weekly so check back often.  There are some HRC hurricane and pilsner glasses along with Planet Hollywood shots and of course, HRC shots. 

A big thanks to Lois for all her efforts in making the silent auction a success!  She’s an expert at packing shots for shipping now! 

New Shots released last month: 

Red circle logo

  • Bahrain Large Font
  • Los Angeles
  • Marbella  

City 2009

  • Bahrain
  • Destin


  • Pittsburgh 4 July 2004 Short
  • PIttsburgh Cinco de Mayo 2004 Short
  • Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day 2005 Short
  • Sacramento 4th of July 2004

Removed – new item, refers to shots that were mistakenly listed on the website

  • Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day 2002 Short

Doors Open, Closed and Ajar:

Los Angeles Rock Shop opened Nov. 20

Phuket Cafe opened Nov. 29

Nashville will reopen after renovations on December 7 

Punta Cana is expected to get a Hotel and Casino in the Spring of 2010 

Ocho Rios Cafe is temporarily closed but the Rock Shop is still open 

Rainforest cafe collectors – Kansas City has closed. 

Upcoming Events (shot release unknown for all at this time): 

Texas Shootout – Dallas – December 11/12, 2009

Pins Gone Wild IV – Orlando – January 29-31

Pinaversary – Amsterdam, Cologne, Louisville, Pittsburgh – March 5-7

Texas Pin Shootout – Houston – April

Spring In Berlin – Berlin – May

Washington, DC – July

PinSanity 6 – Las Vegas – September

Pinapalooza – New York, Hollywood FL, Memphis, Athens – October 16 

Cheers (and have a few extra for/with/as Santa)! 


The Andy Juhl Collection – 4 Sale

November 7, 2009

If you belong to the Yahoo HRCShots group, you will have received a post detailing that Andy Juhl’s collection is up for silent auction.  Proceeds from the sale of his collection will go to his family.  Here’s the quick version of the process, for everyone’s reference.

Bidders will need a copy of the collection list in order to place a bid.  If required, download it from:

This is a silent auction.  Bid what you are willing to pay, subject to the minimum bid price.  It is not a “first come, first server” process.  Highest bid wins. 

Please follow the email process below to submit your bid.  Bidding is now open and will close on Monday, November 16 at midnight PST.

Placing Your Bid: 


Provide this information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your address
  3. Your email address
  4. Your bid – and make sure to include the following from the Andy Collection Bid Sheet PDF file:
    1. City Name on shot glass
    2. The Shot (i.e.:  Black Letter – Arial font)
    3. Box #  (i.e.: 50)
    4. Slot #  (i.e.: 23)
    5. Bid – this is the price you will pay for the shot if you win. 


Your email should look like this:

Denise B.

Address (shipping info)

Email address

Your bids:

Cologne Black Letter Times Font  51, 23  Bid $11

Rome – Red Letter  56, 19  Bid $6

Tampa Hotel – Full Metallic  72, 22 Bid $15

Please take the time to complete your email bid correctly as it will make this process go smoothly for all involved.  Thanks!

Cheers and good luck to everyone.

Denise, George and Lois

View the collection and download the bid sheet here:

Questions?  Email us at:

August Website Update

August 2, 2009

Summer is passing us by quite quickly and I’m melting as I type this, so excuse me if it’s a short post!!

And to address a complaint (that is coming in from multiple people) on where are the event pictures?!?!  I have a few from my own camera but I haven’t received any from all the other attendees.  SO COME ON! – send me your pics people!  I’m working on adding to the event pictures page but it would be easier if I didn’t have to do it a dozen times.   So, if you have some pictures, please, please, please, send them in this week.  You can send them to me just as they are – I’ll resize and everything.

What’s Supp?

I’ve made a few changes to the website:

As previous posted, our friend and fellow collector Andy Juhl passed away on July 7.  His tribute page is now linked on the site directory or you can get to it directly here:

The home page is fixed and working as initially intended when it first launched.  The little boxes shuffle now – each time you go to page the logos will move spots and there will be more pictures/logos mixed in.  Go ahead, hit the refresh button.  I dare ya!

I’m looking for ideas for stuff to put on the news page monthly – since there’s no one left who’s brave enough to be featured on the Collector Profile.  If you’ve got an idea, send it my way.

New Shots!

  • Bangalore Red Circle thin font
  • Dallas Red Circle
  • Makati Red Circle (no Philippines)
  • Makati Frosted Gold Logo (no Philippines)
  • Mockba Red Circle yellow logo
  • Pattaya Hotel Black Tattoo
  • Pattaya City 2009


  • Montreal Pinathon 2009 shots – 2 of the waitresses have white hair instead of brown.


  • Hollywood, FL Cinco de May 2004 short
  • San Antonio 2″ Mantra Set
  • Key West 2″ Mantra Set

Yeah, baby!

Dallas Cafe reopened in a new location on July 15!

Tulsa gets a new HRH and Casino – opens August 3.

New cafes announced:

Ho Chi Minh City, Penang and Puerto Banus.


Thanks to Paul M. and Barry N. for taking pictures of shots for the website.  They’ve helped fill in many gaps!

And to George S. who keeps finding shots we’re all missing.  We appreciate it George!