Las Vegas or Bust, Baby!

March 25, 2011

ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!  Have you been practising your tequila shots?  I hope so because we will be heading to Las Vegas for the 2011 Shot Event.

After a few missteps, we are going to head to Las Vegas for the PinSanity event.   This is an annual rocking event, put on by the Las Vegas cafes that is one of the best events that HR does.  Hope you can join us!

Now this is being announced to get out the dates so people can make plans.  To be clear, there are some details that we are not able to share at present ‘cuz they are not finalized.  However for everyone that is in need of booking time off, hotels, flights etc… here’s the basic info that we can share.  The rest will come out – *stay tuned here* – when it’s official.

Las Vegas PinSanity is September 6th, 7th and 8th – hosted by the HRC on the Strip!

If you’re interested in hanging out with group members longer than the 3 days, there will be a road trip to Phoenix, following the PinSanity event.  It is approximately a 4 hour drive, we will hit the cafe in Phoenix as well as a Diamondbacks baseball game.  We will be staying overnight and then heading back to Las Vegas, via the world’s biggest ditch (Grand Canyon).  So if you’re game for the road trip, plan accordingly (head home on Sunday).  More details on this road trip to follow as well as who to contact if you want to be part of the caravan, group baseball game tickets etc…  If enough people are interesting in the road trip, Phoenix may become the official Post Event.  Again, more details to follow.




Event news 2011

February 12, 2011

Ok, so the first piece of business is that the 2011 Shot Event that was slated for 2 cafes in California has not worked out.  We are seeking an alternative venue and as soon as we have something, it’ll be posted here.

On to other events, these are upcoming events.  I am looking for confirmation on whether or not shot glasses will be released but will update this post as the info comes in.

**I’ll note it here to be clear:  I fit states a shot is going to be released, the Cafes fully intend to have shots and this was confirmed with the cafe.  However, if it happens that there are quality issues or the shots don’t arrive – don’t shoot the messenger.  The shot group is not involved in ordering the shots. **

I was in Toronto for a day in January and got to meet and chat with the retail staff.  Great bunch of people!  Best news was that the Toronto cafe will be hosting their first ever official pin event on April 22 to 24thA shot glass has been designed and ordered for the event. Woot!  Registration is expected for this event.

Spring in Berlin is normally in May.  I don’t have dates and a shot glass release is not typical.

Chicago’s Pindy City event is June 17 and 18.  No shot confirmed yet.

Washington, DC – always great to the pin and shot glass collectors – will be hosting the Pindependence event,  July 22 – 23.  The DC GM normally has at least 1 shot glass but has spoiled us with multiple in the past so I will get this confirmed asap.

Las Vegas – PinSanity should be September 6 – 8 Always at least 1 shot glass.

So mark your calendars and get your traders ready!



Event 2010 Charity Wrap Up

July 27, 2010

Here is the breakdown of what we were able to raise for charity during the 2010 Florida event.

We raised approximately…
$1000 for the Joe DiMaggio Childrens’ Hospital.

I didn’t get an exact figure but that is what the cafe estimated our event raised which was included in the check with other fundraising for that period to the hospital.  I do know it included:

$165 in raffle Friday @ HWD-FL
around $200 in the 2 live auctions Friday
just over $100 for the 4 silent auctions Saturday @ MIA
plus the silent auctions Friday (I didn’t get this subtotal)

We raised…
$701 for the Vitas Hospice in memory of Andy Juhl.

I was hoping to be able to recover the poster for the event (it was on the easel entering the HWD-FL cafe) and make an additional donation for it; but, it has not been found and the possibility of having another one made to “auction” has not materialized. The breakdown goes…
$245 in raffle Thursday at the pre-party
$153 in silent auction Thursday
$303 for the buttons made by Denise

Thank you to Denise for designing/making the buttons. Thank you to Lois, Paul and Carmen for selling the buttons at the event.

Thank you to all that helped in the funraising and fundraising,


Florida HRC Shot Glass Collectors Event – Reminders!

June 8, 2010


Hey all,

We are just a day away from the start of the 2010 Event.  So here’s just a few reminders and updates:

  1. The main events at the Hard Rock Cafes will be held at:
    1. Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood on Friday, June 11 at 6 pm
    2. Hard Rock Cafe Miami on Saturday, June 12 at 5 pm (Note time change!)
  2. There will be event shot glasses at all venues (including the pre-party), so stock up!
  3. If you are not attending the event this year but would like to purchase a set of the charity “monster series” buttons, tomorrow Wednesday, June 9th is the deadline.  So get your order in!  If you are attending, make sure to find Lois, Carmen or Paul for your buttons.  All money raised goes to charity!
  4. The Pre-Party Event is on Thursday, June 10.  The fun begins at 4 pm at the John U. Lloyd State Beach Park.   Take note of the following – IMPORTANT:
    1. The park closes to the public by 8 pm so you MUST BE IN THE PARK prior to 8 pm.  We have a permit to stay in the park after hours but those attending must already be inside the park.  Come late and you’ll be “locked out”!  Don’t miss out on the party by being tardy! 
    2. We have reserved the “Jetty” pavilion which is the last/northern most pavilion in the park.  Once you’ve entered the park there is only the one road with parking lots accessed from that single road.  After entering the park keep going to the last parking lot–the only thing past the “Jetty” pavilion area is an area gated off for Navy/Coast Guard, so if you get to that gate you went a couple 100 feet too far.
    3. You cannot bring in any glass items as this is a beach – beer bottles for instance.  So although this is a BYOB type event, make sure you have plastic or canned containers.   There will be juice and pop for those not drinking (or holding out for the drink contest!!).  There will be cups provided for those that want to share a bottle of something.
    4. Dinner is at 6 pm and is a catered affair – Pollo Tropical chicken, white rice, black beans, caesar salad, sweet plantains and some desserts – see, told you not to miss the party!
    5. This here is a beach – so come with some beach gear and enjoy the area!! 
    6. There is a park entrance fee:
      1. $4 for single occupant vehicle
      2. $6 per vehicle (2-8 people)
      3. $2 per pedestrian, bicyclist or extra person over max. per vehicle free for children 5 years old or younger
    7. There is a charity for the Pre-Party so don’t forget to purchase your raffle tickets!

Directions to the pre-party:

From the south: Take I-95 to Sheridan Street. Take Sheridan Street east until it dead ends into A1A north which is N. Ocean Drive. Take A1A/Ocean Drive north until you come to the park toll booth.

From the north: Take I-95 or FL turnpike to I-595. Take I-595 east until it ends at the ramps for US 1. Take the ramp for US1 South. Take US1 south to Dania Beach Blvd. Turn left/east on Dania Beach Blvd. Take Dania Beach Blvd. over the bridge for the Intercoastal Waterway at which point it will curve to end into A1A which is N. Ocean Drive. The 2nd right along the curve will take you north on Ocean Drive. The toll booth entrance to the park is about 1/4 mile up on Ocean Drive.

From US1 (if you are already east and not taking I-95/turnpike): Follow the directions from the north above starting with the US1 to Dania Beach Blvd. part.

The annual Drinking for Royalty contest will crown a new King and Queen of Shots again but there will be other contests running throughout the course of the events so find your host, Trevor, for more details! 

Have a blast, raise a drink for Andy and remember the Ninjas (drink responsibly!).



Supporting Charity – Buttons for sale!

May 27, 2010

In the blog entries below this one, Trevor is currently accepting HRC items to raffle or auction at the upcoming Florida 2010 HRC Shot Glass Collectors Event.   We are supporting 2 great charities:

The Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital and The Vitas Hospital in memory of Andy Juhl.

At the Pre-Party, there will be buttons sold to raise money for the Vitas Hospital (amongst raffles and auctions).  There are 4 buttons, known as the Monster Series, which will be sold for $3 each.  If you are attending the Florida events, track down Lois M., Carmen F. or Paul H. as they will be selling them.

If you are not attending the events but would like to get your hands on the buttons, the set of 4 buttons is now available on e-Bay.  The set is $15 US, which includes shipping.  Check out auction: 220613044696 to get your set.   A minimum of $12 US will be given to the Vitas Hospital Charity for each set sold ($3 has been set aside to cover shipping and auction fees).  There are 2 different round 2.25 inch and 2 different square 2 inch buttons!

Currently, 100 of each button has been made.  As the sale is for charity, there will be no limit on purchase (buy as many buttons as you like).  Buttons will be reordered if necessary – so if you want the button set, fear not, buttons will be made to cover every order!

Charity round 2.25 inch buttonsCharity square 2 inch buttons

But don’t wait around, mail orders won’t be taken past Wednesday, June 09.  Order now if interested and thanks for supporting our charity efforts!



Further update to the 2010 Shot Event!

May 27, 2010

Just over 2 weeks away!  Thank you to those that have already registered.   For those that haven’t – get on it!

Charity Update:

The HRC charity will be the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.  The Pre-Party charity will be the Vitas Hospice in memory of Andy Juhl.  I am following up about items donated by Corporate and other cafes.  Thank you to those that have e-mailed about donating items for the charity.  It’s not too late to contact me for anyone that hasn’t already and would like to donate.  Those that donate items for the charity will receive a recognition with their laminate (if you donate and can not attend, I’ll mail it to you after the event).


Laminates for each part of the weekend are being finalized.  Soon I should be able to report on the arrival of the official shots for the cafes.  The arrival of the pre-party shot is also close!

Event times and locations:

The time has been set for HWD-FL and MIA as 6 pm to 10 pm

Friday, June 11 is “The Money Shot Event” in Hollywood, FL:

Hard Rock Cafe
1 Seminole Way
Hollywood, FL 33314

Saturday, June 12 is “A Shot in the Dark Event” in Miami, FL:

Hard Rock Cafe
401 Biscayne Blvd. R-200 @ Bayside Marketplace
Miami, FL 33132

Thursday, June 10 – The Pre-Party “Casting the Flock” Unofficial Event will be at John U. Lloyd State Beach Park with a reserved pavilion.  More details to come with dinner menu.  We have an after hours permit and will have the part to ourselves after sundown.  The party is slated to begin at 4 pm!

More “contests” will be organized.  Besides the “Drinking for Royalty” King and Queen on Friday, other “contests” will begin Thursday and run thru the weekend. 

More info to follow as it is finalized so check back here for updates!

– Trevor

2010 HRC Shot Event Registration Is OPEN!

May 12, 2010
Hi all,
Well the 2010 HRC Shot Event is just around the corner.  If you’ve somehow missed the news, HRC Collectors will descend on Florida, June 10 – 12.  We will be in:
Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Thursday, June 10 from 4 pm – late
John U. Lloyd State Beach Park “Casting the Flock Event”
Hollywood, FL – Friday,  June 11 from 6 – 10 pm
Hard Rock Cafe “The Money Shot Event”
Miami, FL – Saturday, June 12 from 6 – 10 pm
Hard Rock Cafe “A Shot in the Dark Event”
If you’re coming, let us know!  You need to register to attend.  There are goodies at each event and if you want to be guaranteed to get them all, put your name down!
There will be a shot glass at both Hard Rock Cafes as well as the Pre-Party event.
As a further bribe to get you motivated to register, there will be at least 1 Early Bird door prize for those of you that register by next Tuesday, May 18.  Each person who registers between today and next Tuesday will receive 1 ticket into a draw for a door prize, which will be awarded at the Hollywood, FL cafe event (if you are only registered to attend the Miami event, the prize will be brought to Miami for you). 
Now just a quick explanation, we are having some issues with our hosting service, which they have been unable to solve in time so the 2010 registration page has been published to the test server.  It has a different web address so don’t freak out, this is still managed by me.
Ok, stop reading and go register!
From the website –, click the Event Registration button.
Go directly to the page: 
Updates for the event will be posted to the group as well as the News blog, so keep checking back!