Too quiet

It is almost like starting over.  It has been far too long since I’ve had the time to make a post here.  How have you all been?

I’ve received a number of emails about missing shots and many of you are also kind enough to send in pictures.  All of this is appreciated and slowly but surely the site is getting back up to date.  Thanks for your patience and all the kind words.  It has been a tough year but it appears that things are turning a corner for the better and I can get back to giving this hobby some focus.

To kick it off, we’re doing a reboot, if you will, of the sites.  If you collect the Hard Rock Cafe magnets you may have noticed that a new domain and site structure has been launched.  It is still undergoing some build by the Magnet  Boyz but it is “Looking good, Mr Kotter…” (I always do a Joey from Friends impression here but I’m often reminded this is from some other show…).  Anyway, if you haven’t checked it out we have a permanent link on the side bar or you can just go here: to catch up on all those magnets and bottle openers that you may be missing!

Coming soon (let’s say mid-March for now), the will also be relaunched.  The design has changed, the pages have been downsized (don’t freak out, more to come on this!) and the navigation should make it easier to use for all us mobile junkies.  We are starting to do some testing next week and assuming all goes well, I’ll get this published for all the world to see!

That being said, the current site has had a minor update but as of today, will not have any future additions as the new site is looming.  Again thanks for your patience.



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