Latest Shots Released

In approximate order of release:

Warsaw Flag Logo


Orlando Pins Gone Wild Superheroes

New York City 2016

Bahrain Flag Logo

Vientiane City 2106

Vientiane Red Circle Small Font


Montego Bay Red Circle Small Font

Key West Pub Crawl

Macau Hotel City 2015

Macau City 2015

Venezia Italy Flag Logo


Busan Red Circle Small Font

Busan City 2015

Moscow Red Circle Dessert Flared

Anchorage USA Flag Logo

Boston USA Flag Logo

Honolulu USA Flag Logo

Los Angeles USA Flag Logo

New York USA Flag Logo

Washington, DC USA Flag Logo

Venice Pin Casanova 2015


Orlando Live

Athens City 2015

Dallas Shootout 2015

Hollywood, Fl Hotel Black Crackle Short

Punta Cana Hotel Purple Casino Logo

Sioux City Purple Logo Short

On-Line Halloween 2015

Honolulu City 2015

Maui City 2015


Munich Oktoberfest 2015

Hollywood, FL City 2015

Dubai City 2015

Pattaya Hotel Purple Logo

Boston City 2015

Hamburg City 2015

Washington, DC Rockin’dependence 2015 I Want Two Girls

Saigon City 2015

Key West City 2015

Key West Red Circle Small Font Dessert Flared


Curitiba Red Circle Small Font

Curitiba City 2015

Bali Airport City 2015

Bahrain City 2015

Pittsburgh Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductees Short

Copenhagen City 2015


Orlando 25th Anniversary (Café)

Mexico Red Circle Wide Font (Discovered!)

Kuwait Red Circle Small Font

Houston Red Circle Small Font

Manchester Red Circle Small Font

Moscow Red Circle

Madrid Red Circle Large Font

Hyderabad Red Circle Orange Logo

Washington, DC Police Week 2015

Washington, DC Police Week 2015 Error

San Diego Pindiego Event 2015

San Diego Hotel Rebel Guitars (Set of 4)

Singapore Woodgrain

Podgorica City 2015

On-Line Cinco de Mayo 2015

Stockholm City 2015

Stockholm Red Circle Small Font

Saipan Red Circle Small Font

Surfers Paradise City 2015

Lake Tahoe Hotel City 2015

Hyderabad City 2015

San Francisco City 2015


Amsterdam Event 2015

Copenhagen Flame Guitars Set (Black Logo on back)

Orlando Hotel Rebel Guitars (Set of 4)

Saigon Dragon 2015

Hong Kong Dragon 2015

Macau Dragon 2015

Bangkok City 2015

Honolulu Cityscape Short

Vancouver Casino Do You Feel Lucky Short

Miami Destination Guitars (Set of 4)

Philadelphia Event 2015

Mallorca City 2015


Washington, DC Cherry Blossom Monument 2015

Washington, DC Cherry Blossom Girls 2015

Myrtle Beach Pins Over Egypt Event 2015

Podgorica Red Circle Small Font

Orlando Mardi Gras 2015

New Orleans Mardi Gras 2015

On-Line Mardi Gras 2015

Munich Destination Guitars (Set of 4)

Orlando Destination Guitars (Set of 4)

Las Vegas Hotel Boot Shape 

Las Vegas Hotel Ceramic Mini-Stein

Las Vegas Snake Eyes

Las Vegas Film Girl AVN 2015

Honolulu Pintage Event 2015

New York Cityscape Short

Stockholm Red Circle Small Font 

Orlando Pins Gone Wild IX Event 2015

Osaka City 2014


Discovered! refers to an old shot not previously listed on

Removed refers to a shot listed on in error (less to track down!)


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