Event news 2011

February 12, 2011

Ok, so the first piece of business is that the 2011 Shot Event that was slated for 2 cafes in California has not worked out.  We are seeking an alternative venue and as soon as we have something, it’ll be posted here.

On to other events, these are upcoming events.  I am looking for confirmation on whether or not shot glasses will be released but will update this post as the info comes in.

**I’ll note it here to be clear:  I fit states a shot is going to be released, the Cafes fully intend to have shots and this was confirmed with the cafe.  However, if it happens that there are quality issues or the shots don’t arrive – don’t shoot the messenger.  The shot group is not involved in ordering the shots. **

I was in Toronto for a day in January and got to meet and chat with the retail staff.  Great bunch of people!  Best news was that the Toronto cafe will be hosting their first ever official pin event on April 22 to 24thA shot glass has been designed and ordered for the event. Woot!  Registration is expected for this event.

Spring in Berlin is normally in May.  I don’t have dates and a shot glass release is not typical.

Chicago’s Pindy City event is June 17 and 18.  No shot confirmed yet.

Washington, DC – always great to the pin and shot glass collectors – will be hosting the Pindependence event,  July 22 – 23.  The DC GM normally has at least 1 shot glass but has spoiled us with multiple in the past so I will get this confirmed asap.

Las Vegas – PinSanity should be September 6 – 8 Always at least 1 shot glass.

So mark your calendars and get your traders ready!



And I’m back

February 12, 2011

Well, I haven’t really gone anywhere, I’ve just been incredibly busy and since there is no one willing to blog in my absence…there’s been some silence here and delay of updates to the master pages.

I’m working thru the pictures that have been sent in.  I currently have a few hundred to sort and edit so stay with me, the pics will get up.  I am trying to get the most recent ones up-to-date and then will start to get up the bottle openers/magnets and missing variants/fonts shots … as supplied by  Mr Dick P.  The discovered list is about to get long…

Also the website is coded in FrontPage, which is a Microsoft product that has been sunset.  Sooooooooooooo, I’m going to have to move the site to a new software some time this year.  More on that to come later.

Hope you are all having a good start to 2011.