2009 Shots

—————  127 shots released in last 9 months of 2009  —————

Las Vegas City 2009 #2

Las Vegas The Strip City 2009 #2

On-Line Happy New Year 2010

Dallas Pin Shootout Event 2009

Ho Chi Minh City City 2009

Nagoya City 2009 (same as 2008, smaller image)

Ho Chi Minh City Red Circle

New York Red Circle Dessert Flared

Phuket Red Circle

Phuket City 2009


Los Angeles Red Circle

Marbella Red Circle

Bahrain City 2009

Pittsburgh 4 July 2004 Short (Discovered!)

Pittsburgh Cinco de Mayo 2004 Short (Discovered!)

Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day 2005 Short (Discovered!)

Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day 2002 Short (Removed)

Destin City 2009

Bahrain Red Circle Large Font

Sacramento 4th July 2004 Short (Discovered!)


Nassau Black Letter Large “Cafe” (Discovered!)

Myrtle Beach Park Rock ‘n Roll Heaven with Holder (Discovered!)

Dallas Red Circle Dessert Flared

Hollywood, CA Red Circle Dessert Flared

Maui Red Circle Dessert Flared

Honolulu City 2009

Tulsa Hotel Halloween

Tijuana STP Brown & Yellow Logo Small MR (Discovered!)

Mumbai Red Circle Large Font

Pune City 2009

Pune Red Circle Large Font

Kona St Patrick’s Day 2005 (Discovered!)

New Delhi City 2009

Nassau Mini Hurricane Small Logo Large Font (Discovered!)

Key West Red Circle Dessert Flared

Las Vegas Hotel Halloween 2009

On-Line Fire Bike

Washington DC Pinapalooza Event Charity 2009 (Fisher House)

Washington DC Pinapalooza Event 2009 (Skull and Guitars)


On-Line Halloween Vampire 2009

Hyderabad Bar Red Circle

Nassau City 2009

Penang Red Circle

Honolulu 2002 Mini Hurricane United We Rock Set (Discovered!)

3.5″ Myrtle Beach Park Blue Logo Flared (Discovered!)

Tulsa Hotel Black Silver Winged Guitar

Prague City 2009

On-Line Love, Live, Rock Girl

Las Vegas PinSanity 5 2009 Dorothy

Las Vegas PinSanity 5 2009 Witches of Oz

Las Vegas PinSanity 5 2009 Bear

Las Vegas PinSanity 5 2009 XXX Girl on Film

Phoenix 2002 Mini Hurricane United We Stand Set (Discovered!)

Atlanta 2002 Mini Hurricane United We Stand Set (Discovered!)

San Francisco Halloween 2004 Short (Discovered!)

Las Vegas The Strip Grand Opening

Las Vegas The Strip City 2009


On-Line Island Guitars 2009

Indianapolis City 2009

Philadelphia City 2009

Dallas City 2009

Denver City 2009

Houston 2002 United We Stand Mini Hurricane Set (Discovered!)

Cabo San Lucas Red Circle Bold Font

Bangkok Red Circle (no STP)

Belo Horizonte Red Circle

Bangkok City 2009

Nashville City 2009

Nashville 4th of July 2005 (Discovered!)

Tulsa Hotel Grand Opening Winged Guitar

Tulsa Hotel Flame


Makati Red Circle (no Philippines)

Makati Frosted Gold Logo (no Philippines)

Hollywood, FL Cinco de Mayo 2004 (Discovered!)

Key West 2″ Mantra Set (Discovered!)

Mockba Red Circle Yellow Logo

Bangalore Red Circle Thin Font

Dallas Red Circle

San Antonio 2″ Mantra Set (Discovered!)

Pattaya Hotel Black Tattoo

Pattaya City 2009


Las Vegas Hotel July 4 Blue Short

Ottawa Red Circle Large Font

Ottawa Red Circle Large Bold Font

Tampa Casino Square Short (Discovered!)

New Delhi Red Circle Large Font

Macau Hotel Black Tattoo

Singapore City 2009

Montreal Pinathon Event 2009

Montreal Pinathon Event 2009 (Mistake)

Cleveland Event 2009

Hang Over in Penn Hills Post Event 2009


Detroit City 2009

On-Line 4th of July 2009

On-Line Founders Day

Cartagena Red Circle Large Font

Houston City 2009

Kuwait City 2009

Gothenburg City 2009

Fiji City 2009

Yankee Stadium City 2009

Las Vegas Hotel Purple Flame

Washington DC Floyd’s Pandapalooza 2009

Kuala Lumpur City 2009

Bucharest City 2009

Stockholm City 2009

Orlando Red Circle Dessert Flared

Punta Cana City 09

Chicago City 09

Orlando City 09

Minneapolis City 09

Cairo Red Circle Large Font

Ocho Rios Red Circle Large Font

Kuwait Red Circle Large Font


Bali Hotel City 09

Bali Hotel Black Logo

Bali Hotel Blue Logo

Bali Hotel Red Logo

Oslo Red Circle Large Font

Athens Red Circle Large Font

Guam Pewter Chalice (Discovered!)

Hong Kong Asian Logo Taiwan (Discovered!)

On-Line Save The Planet

On-Line World Tour

On-Line All Is One

Jakarta Red Circle Keyhole

Biloxi Large Cafe Thin Font (Discovered!)

Niagara Falls Large Cafe Thin Font (Discovered!)

Discovered! refers to an old shot not previously listed on hrcshots.com

Removed refers to a shot listed on hrcshots.com in error (a few less to track down!)


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