Which one would you choose?

August 20, 2010

Just for fun, here’s a quick poll about highly sought after shot glasses:

Congratulations are in order!

August 8, 2010

Hey, just some well wishing to pass along:

Manish Chaudhary visited HRC Seattle on July 31, making it his 100th swipe!!  Good group of pin and shot collectors showed up to celebrate the milestone and the Cafe pulled out all the stops, including a cake!   And not to forget that Chris Haase was also in Seattle, making it his 184 visit!  Congrats guys… I’ll catch up one day.  And a high five to our server Jason, you were aweome!

Congrats Manish on 100 Cafe visit

Denise Chris Manish in Seattle

And now on to very special news for those that haven’t yet heard – Brian Gledhill and Amanda Jonnet got married, also on July 31!  The HRC Shot Glass Collector group wishes you both the very best!  Congratulations!

Brian and Amanda got married!