Event 2010 Charity Wrap Up

Here is the breakdown of what we were able to raise for charity during the 2010 Florida event.

We raised approximately…
$1000 for the Joe DiMaggio Childrens’ Hospital.

I didn’t get an exact figure but that is what the cafe estimated our event raised which was included in the check with other fundraising for that period to the hospital.  I do know it included:

$165 in raffle Friday @ HWD-FL
around $200 in the 2 live auctions Friday
just over $100 for the 4 silent auctions Saturday @ MIA
plus the silent auctions Friday (I didn’t get this subtotal)

We raised…
$701 for the Vitas Hospice in memory of Andy Juhl.

I was hoping to be able to recover the poster for the event (it was on the easel entering the HWD-FL cafe) and make an additional donation for it; but, it has not been found and the possibility of having another one made to “auction” has not materialized. The breakdown goes…
$245 in raffle Thursday at the pre-party
$153 in silent auction Thursday
$303 for the buttons made by Denise

Thank you to Denise for designing/making the buttons. Thank you to Lois, Paul and Carmen for selling the buttons at the event.

Thank you to all that helped in the funraising and fundraising,



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