Shot Event 2010

Every year the Hard Rock Shot Glass Collector group meets up in city.  This year, we’re going to try and hit 2 cafes in Florida.  The weekend we’ve proposed is Friday, June 11 and Saturday, June 12.  So mark your calendars!

We are still confirming things with the cafes so we are not announcing them just yet.  Trevor M. is heading up the event this year!!!  More info to come as soon as we get some results on the poll.
A lot of work goes into these events and the cafes want to know that the collectors are interested in coming out.  Sooooo, if you can make it or even if you can’t, please vote.  We really, really need to know what the interest is for this year before we commit to the cafes.
Which means you gotta go vote on our fancy poll!  Don’t send me an email about your status – put your name down on the poll one way or another.  Don’t doddle, the sooner we get an idea of the interest, the sooner we know if there will be an event this year.
To vote, please visit the following web page:
You must be a memeber of the Yahoo HRCSHOTS group in order to vote, so if you’re not part of the group… why not?  Sign up and be part of the group and then take the poll!




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