January Website Update

Well the ball has dropped to start a new year.  Cheers to everyone for 2010! 

What’s Supp?

After spending a whole whack of time coding the main page to shuffle in different pictures, our web host company no longer supports the coding in Frontpage.  So you may have noticed that the home page is back to not shuffling the pictures.  *Sigh*  But at least you can see the static pictures again.  Thanks to all who sent me a note telling me that the main page was broken.

Andy Juhl

Thanks for everyone’s support with the eBay store we’ve setup to sell off the remaining shots.  Lois, Tom and I are hoping to get rid of the remaining shots and pretty much all the HRC shots have now been listed on eBay.  We would like to close the store by the beginning of February so if you’re looking to pick up some traders or fill gaps in your collection, now is the time!  Some excellent deals to be had in the store so please check it out:


New Shots released last month:


  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Las Vegas City #2
  • Las Vegas The Strip #2
  • Nagoya (same logo as 2008, smaller in size)
  • Phuket

Red Circle

  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phuket
  • New York Dessert Flared


  • Dallas Pin Shootout 2009
  • On-Line Happy New Year 2010

Doors Open and Ajar:

Ho Chi Minh City opened on December 17.

Seattle – new info on the HRC website is that it will now open in Spring 2010.  Guess it means it won’t be open in time for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics… Boo!

Medellin, Columbia will be getting a cafe in the summer.

Next Event:

Pins Gone Wild IV – Orlando – January 29 – 31

UPI (Useless Piece of Info):

There were over 130 shot glasses released in 2009.  You could have just started collecting last year and you’d already have a sizeable collection!

Of note, these ones increased the collection the most:

  • 65 City
  • 31 Red Circle (past 9 months)
  • 15 Event
  • 14 On-Line

If you have anything you’d like to write-up for the blog, send it to me and I’ll post it for you.  It doesn’t have to be long and can be about anything HRC related – such as your 100th visit to a cafe, a visit to a new cafe, your local cafe, your favorite GM, your top 10 favorite shots or cafes or even your summary of an event you’ve just attended.  Kinda lonely doing all the writing myself… I don’t have a cafe of my own and Seattle is taking FOREVER to open its doors, so inspiration is limiting.  I know there’s a few budding writers out there!  Get blogging!





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