The saying goes “Tis always better to give than to receive” and it’s important to do something good for someone else whenever you can. 

At this years HRC Shot Event in Pittsburgh, the Collectors reached into their collections and donated a TON of shots, t-shirts, pins and other HRC collectibles for the charity portion of the event.  This year we supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Pennsylvania and Southern West Virginia. 

Through raffle ticket sales and auctions we raised a total of $1,317.  Which is fantastic – and not just in the amount we put up but that less than 30 people raised it!  So thanks to everyone who donated items and dug deep into their pockets to help out a great cause! 

With our donation we fulfilled a wish for a 7-year-old girl named Zoe.  Her wish?  A castle fit for a princess!  That’s right, we helped build a castle!  If you’d like to read the thank you letter from the Make A Wish Foundation, it’s available on the website:

Also thanks to Brian and Frank for making the presentation of the cool check!

Make A Wish Foundation donation

Make A Wish Foundation donation

Cheers to us!



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