Bottle Openers – the next collection

October 24, 2009

When it was first requested that I create a page for the bottle opener collection, it seemed like no big deal.  How many bottle openers could there be?  Shouldn’t take more than a few hours to put together.  Well ppppfffffttttt, did I ever get an education in this collection f-a-s-t! 

A word of advise to those starting in HRC bottle openers, there’s a lot to chase down!  And if you’re a long time collector, well, you must have one cool looking fridge!!

I had no idea that bottle openers have been around for so long or that cafes are putting them out as often as they change t-shirt designs (well, almost).   So a very frowny face goes out to Carmen F. for starting me on these pages and getting me dreaming about bottle openers at night.   Just kidding… on the first part.

Anyhoo, if you’re a bottle opener collector, I’ve started the pages and they are being worked on regularly.   I’m about half way through the alphabet in checking the entire collection against lists provided by collectors.  So fear not when you see the pages, they are still getting openers added to them.  However, I need some help with testing so if you collect these magnetic gems, give the pages a whirl.  I need to have people check:

  1. That each link correctly opens the right picture
  2. Glaring errors (missing bottle openers – from A-K at least)
  3. Naming conventions – I had some help naming them but when checked against eBay every other item would end up being called a V7… so we’ve done the best that we can.
  4. Categories – split them further or combine more of them?
  5. Anything else you’d like to point out

And last but not least, pictures.  I have a lot and there’s more to add but some of the pictures we have are tiny or less than perfect.   If you have better pictures than the ones on the website, or have missing ones, help a Webmaster out!  Sent ’em to me – I’ll crop them and everything.  And just a hint, take the picture on a clean, neutral background for best results. 

Go check out the pages on the website – feedback appreciated.  You can reach the page from the Site Directory page (and the 2 bottle pages link to each other) or here’s the individual links:

For the list by city:

For the list by type:

Cheers, and a thank you in advance to the testers!




October 3, 2009

The saying goes “Tis always better to give than to receive” and it’s important to do something good for someone else whenever you can. 

At this years HRC Shot Event in Pittsburgh, the Collectors reached into their collections and donated a TON of shots, t-shirts, pins and other HRC collectibles for the charity portion of the event.  This year we supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Pennsylvania and Southern West Virginia. 

Through raffle ticket sales and auctions we raised a total of $1,317.  Which is fantastic – and not just in the amount we put up but that less than 30 people raised it!  So thanks to everyone who donated items and dug deep into their pockets to help out a great cause! 

With our donation we fulfilled a wish for a 7-year-old girl named Zoe.  Her wish?  A castle fit for a princess!  That’s right, we helped build a castle!  If you’d like to read the thank you letter from the Make A Wish Foundation, it’s available on the website:

Also thanks to Brian and Frank for making the presentation of the cool check!

Make A Wish Foundation donation

Make A Wish Foundation donation

Cheers to us!


October Website Update

October 1, 2009

Here I am already with another monthly update…

What’s Supp?

As mentioned last month, the Montreal HRC closed Sept. 27.  I visited the cafe for the past Montreal Pinathon event and it was a great cafe!   The staff were a lot of fun and very friendly and the cafe had a great look with the 2 floors.  Rumor is that the cafe may reopen in a smaller venue, if one can be found.  One can’t imagine that there will be a better location than where it was but perhaps a small cafe might be more affordable during the lean winter months.

I’ve been asked to create a page for the bottle openers collection.  For all you who just started collecting these gems, let me just warn you:  There are hundreds on them!   Little did I know, until the CD of pictures arrived from Carmen, what I was getting into…  Anyway, look for this collection to be published to the website in the next couple of weeks.

Pictures page has been moved to Flickr, you can check ’em out here:

If you visited the new Las Vegas cafe and would like to write a review of it, please send it to me and I’ll post it the group blog.  Or if anyone would like to review their local cafe or one they’ve recently visited, drop a me an email.

HR Hyderabad Bar has closed after a short existence – but it did manage to release a shot glass before the doors closed.

New Shots last month:


  • Halloween Vampire – 144 made so go get them soon!
  • Love, Live, Rock Girl

Red circles: 

  • Penang
  • Hyderabad Bar


  • Las Vegas PinSanity 5 – Dorothy, Witches of Oz, Bear and Girl on Film
  • Las Vegas The Strip City and Grand Opening
  • Nassau City 2009 (same design as 2007 but has an added green logo on back)


  • Phoenix 2002 Mini Hurricane Set
  • Atlanta 2002 Mini Hurricane Set
  • Honolulu 2002 Mini Hurricane Set
  • San Francisco Halloween 2004 short
  • 3.5 inch Myrtle Beach Park Blue Logo flared

Of note:  The On-Line Island shot released in August has been recalled and won’t be reissued.  Only a small quantity of the shots were shipped to customers before it was pulled so count yourself luck if you got one! 

Yeah, Baby!

HRC Las Vegas on the Strip opened September 5!  Released a GO shot and a city shot!

HRC Penang opened September 15!  Released a red circle shot!

Washington, DC – hosts the Pinapalooza event this month.  2 limited shots will be released!

To be released on-line in October:  the fire bike shot glass.