September Website Update

September 22, 2009

And another school year is about to start!  Where did the summer go?  Or that was my opening line – Heck, where did time go because I forgot all about publishing this.   So here’s a quick late update.  October is chomping at the keys…

What’s Supp?

The website has undergone a few changes again, in case you haven’t noticed.

The News Page is now linked to a blog page on WordPress.   If you would like to contribute anything Hard Rock Cafe related, drop me an email.  There will be more things written throughout the months (hopefully) about what’s going on in the world of Hard Rock Cafe.

The Lastest Released Shots is a tab off that page.  So never fear, the new shots are still being tracked for everyone.   If you know about a new shot glass, send the info my way. 

New Shots in the month of August were:

City shots:  Bangkok,  Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, Nashville and Philadelphia

Red Circle Logo:  Cabo San Lucas (bold), Bangkok (no STP), Belo Horizonte

Other:  Tulsa GO, Tulsa Flame and Online Island Guitars (also recalled)

Discovered:  Houston 2002 Mini Hurricane set, Nashville 4th of July 2005 short

Yeah, Baby!

As mentioned in the last update, Tulsa HRH and Casino opened on August 3.

Not so much a Yeah but the Seattle cafe opening has been postponed and according to the Hard Rock website, it will open in early 2010.  Here’s hoping the doors swing open before the Winter Olympics in February!

And don’t forget, Washington DC is hosting Pinapalooza in October.  2 limited edition shots will be released!