Buyer Beware

Well shot collectors beware, there’s a new seller on eBay selling counterfeit HRC shot glasses!  Most are from closed cafes, which are also considered rare.  Unfortunately people not in the know are purchasing them thinking that they are real.

eBay, however, has done very little about dealing with the complaints of fake shots and usually come back with an email stating that they did not have enough time to investigate before the auction closed.  How convenient!

So here’s a few tips on how to tell that these particular shots are counterfeit:

  • Base of the shot glass is incorrect; the original one is higher.
  • The logo was never this big.
  • The logo is the wrong color.
  • The word “Cafe” is too big.
  • The font is wrong – larger than the original.
Shenzhen Fake vs Real

Shenzhen Fake vs Real

When looking to purchase a rare shot, take the time to check out the pictures on and see if you note any differences.  Most of the oldest and hardest to get shots only had one logo release and font printing.  And if a seller on eBay has multiples of the same rare shot, consider that suspicious.

Of late, the following counterfeit cafe shot glasses have been selling for $70 or more on eBay:

  • Amman
  • Bangkok (the old no STP version)
  • Belfast
  • Bogota
  • Shenzhen
  • Taichung
  • Tel Aviv (the old no STP version)

Buyer beware!


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