August Website Update

Summer is passing us by quite quickly and I’m melting as I type this, so excuse me if it’s a short post!!

And to address a complaint (that is coming in from multiple people) on where are the event pictures?!?!  I have a few from my own camera but I haven’t received any from all the other attendees.  SO COME ON! – send me your pics people!  I’m working on adding to the event pictures page but it would be easier if I didn’t have to do it a dozen times.   So, if you have some pictures, please, please, please, send them in this week.  You can send them to me just as they are – I’ll resize and everything.

What’s Supp?

I’ve made a few changes to the website:

As previous posted, our friend and fellow collector Andy Juhl passed away on July 7.  His tribute page is now linked on the site directory or you can get to it directly here:

The home page is fixed and working as initially intended when it first launched.  The little boxes shuffle now – each time you go to page the logos will move spots and there will be more pictures/logos mixed in.  Go ahead, hit the refresh button.  I dare ya!

I’m looking for ideas for stuff to put on the news page monthly – since there’s no one left who’s brave enough to be featured on the Collector Profile.  If you’ve got an idea, send it my way.

New Shots!

  • Bangalore Red Circle thin font
  • Dallas Red Circle
  • Makati Red Circle (no Philippines)
  • Makati Frosted Gold Logo (no Philippines)
  • Mockba Red Circle yellow logo
  • Pattaya Hotel Black Tattoo
  • Pattaya City 2009


  • Montreal Pinathon 2009 shots – 2 of the waitresses have white hair instead of brown.


  • Hollywood, FL Cinco de May 2004 short
  • San Antonio 2″ Mantra Set
  • Key West 2″ Mantra Set

Yeah, baby!

Dallas Cafe reopened in a new location on July 15!

Tulsa gets a new HRH and Casino – opens August 3.

New cafes announced:

Ho Chi Minh City, Penang and Puerto Banus.


Thanks to Paul M. and Barry N. for taking pictures of shots for the website.  They’ve helped fill in many gaps!

And to George S. who keeps finding shots we’re all missing.  We appreciate it George!




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