Here we go!

May 31, 2015

Thanks for everyone’s patience… still a work in progress but the new website has been published!  A lot of writing still to do (many pages still to build), links for some pictures and updates to some cafes are pending but here it is! Please check it out – http:\\ and let me know what you think!

More updates to the site still to do but if there are additions or content you’d like to contribute, shoot me an email:

Thanks to all the testers!



Too quiet

February 26, 2015

It is almost like starting over.  It has been far too long since I’ve had the time to make a post here.  How have you all been?

I’ve received a number of emails about missing shots and many of you are also kind enough to send in pictures.  All of this is appreciated and slowly but surely the site is getting back up to date.  Thanks for your patience and all the kind words.  It has been a tough year but it appears that things are turning a corner for the better and I can get back to giving this hobby some focus.

To kick it off, we’re doing a reboot, if you will, of the sites.  If you collect the Hard Rock Cafe magnets you may have noticed that a new domain and site structure has been launched.  It is still undergoing some build by the Magnet  Boyz but it is “Looking good, Mr Kotter…” (I always do a Joey from Friends impression here but I’m often reminded this is from some other show…).  Anyway, if you haven’t checked it out we have a permanent link on the side bar or you can just go here: to catch up on all those magnets and bottle openers that you may be missing!

Coming soon (let’s say mid-March for now), the will also be relaunched.  The design has changed, the pages have been downsized (don’t freak out, more to come on this!) and the navigation should make it easier to use for all us mobile junkies.  We are starting to do some testing next week and assuming all goes well, I’ll get this published for all the world to see!

That being said, the current site has had a minor update but as of today, will not have any future additions as the new site is looming.  Again thanks for your patience.



For sale by auction!

September 22, 2014

Action is closed.

Just a quick post, I know it has been a LONG time.  I’m helping a fellow collector sell off their collection shot by shot.  If interested, here are the rules:

  • The auction is open for bidding now and will close on Sunday, Sept 28 at midnight PST.If you are going to bid, please honor your bid(s).  When bidding, please consider that you could win most or all of everything you bid on so be prepared to purchase your winnings!
  • Payment is by Paypal only and must also cover the fees.  A Paypal gift payment or with the fees added to the total is required.
  • Payment is expected with 3 days after a final invoice with shipping costs is sent to you.  It will take some time to invoice all winning bidders so please have patience.
  • Shipping will be from the USA and will be sent via Priority Mail only.  Please keep in mind that shot glasses are heavy and shipping, particularly outside the USA, can be very expensive.   As this has been an issue for past auctions, please consider this when placing bids for multiple shot glasses.
  • You will receive an email when your shots have shipped – it will take time to get all shots packed and shipped out so please have patience.
  • These shot glasses have gone through a basic inspection and are in collectible condition, unless otherwise noted.  That being said, everyone has a different definition of “perfect” so all shots are sold AS IS and are not refundable.
  • You may request a picture of an individual shot glass, particularly for the ones on the list that are more rare.  Please do not ask for pictures for every shot that you plan to bid on (the website picture is a good reference).  I cannot promise that all requests will be sent so if you are counting on the picture before placing a bid, keep in mind that it may not be possible to send it to you.  Requests received after Sept. 25 will not likely be sent.
  • The minimum starting bid for all shots is $5 US (shots that have some flaws are noted and start at $1 US).
  • Outbid notices – time permitting, outbid notices will be sent to you up 2 days before the auction closes.  Don’t count on the outbid notice – you could still be outbid in the last 2 days or run out of time to re-bid.  If you really want the shot glass, I recommend you place your best bid.
  • First person to bid on an item has the tie-breaker.  For example, where more than 1 collector has bid the  same highest bid amount on a shot glass, the first bidder will win it.  Bidding early has an advantage.
  • If you do not agree with the anything stated here, please do not bid.  There will be no exceptions made regarding bidding, payment or shipping.  Please don’t ask.

If you are still interested in bidding, please send an email to with this information:

  1. Subject of email:  Auction Bid and your name (Auction Bid: Your Name)
  2. Provide this information (helps make sure you get the right shot glass):
    1. Your Address
    2. Name of city and description of shot glass
    3. Box and Location Number
    4. Your bid for the shot glass
  3. If you have any questions about the shot glasses or want to request a picture of a shot glass, please send an email with Query in the subject line.  Please note shot glass city name, box and location details so the correct shot glass picture is sent or question answered.  Again, pictures are not guaranteed and queries sent after Sept. 25 are unlikely.

This collection has some gems so I recommend taking a peek at the very least!  If you check out the Top 10 list of most wanted shot glasses… some are available in this auction!

Good luck and thanks for your interest.



Top Ten List

September 7, 2013

The Late Show has nothing on us…

For those checking back here, wait no more – here is the Top Ten List of HRC Shotglasses as voted on by you!

  1. Bristol Bar
  2. Taichung
  3. Antwerp
  4. Stockholm Red Letter Mistake (Misspelled “Stockolm”)
  5. Surfers Paradise Metallic (Set of 4)
  6. Tel Aviv
  7. Montreal Gold
  8. On-Line Island Guitar 2009
  9. Ankara
  10. Catania City 2004

Honorable mention goes to Newport Beach City 2005, which missed the cut by 4 votes but came in at a respectable 49% of votes.  Next tied for 12th with 43% of the votes:  Las Vegas Hotel Yellow Spade 777 and Sentosa Red Circle Private Function 2010 shots.

Now on to the fun questions:

36% of voters picked Bristol Bar to come in at #1 and 76% of people voted for it!

The choice for the shot that wasn’t up for consideration was pretty widespread but in the end, 21% of people thought Tijuana Red Circle should have been given a chance, with the runner-up being Manila at 18%.  I would have thought Manila would have come out a head but then, I didn’t vote for either shot!

It was interesting to see the voting breakdown between various collectors reflecting the favorites, hard to get and prized possessions!  I am personally missing 4 on this list so I know many of us will be competing for the same trade or purchase down the road!  Thanks to all that voted for this list!

Here’s to your favorite chaser!  Cheers!


Drum Roll Pending

September 1, 2013

Well it’s up – the survey to pick the Top 10 Hard Rock Cafe Shot glasses.  Want to participate?  There is just over 2 days to vote, so get on it!

Pick any 10 of the shots on the list but you must pick 10 and you can’t pick more than 10.  On Tuesday evening the survey will come down and not too long after, the top 10 list will be announced!

Be part of HRC Shot group history!  There is no prize and there’s not even a button… but when the list comes out, you can brag that you helped make it happen!



We want your vote!

August 23, 2013

We are conducting a series of surveys to pick a list to choose the Top 10 Hard Rock Cafe shot glasses, which are considered hard to get or truly loved or drooled over or expensive or chased after or forever a pipe dream because it’s that rare…  Are you still following me?

Anyway, if you’d like to vote in this survey it will be available until Monday, August 26.  The time that it comes down is totally random – so that no one waits until the last second.  If you’re interested in voting – go do it now.  The voting period is short because well, we’re a small group and anyone that is going to vote, tends to do it within the first 3 days.  Hence, the survey comes down some time on Monday.

Here’s how survey #2 works (and I apologize, I didn’t publish the post for survey #1 so you may have missed it):

These picks were originally made up from suggestions on the group forum.  During the first survey, voters could also suggest shots that should have been included.  Survey #2 is made up of the top picks from Survey #1 and all the writes-ins.  There are 39 shots for consideration.  You may vote for 16 of them.  You may vote for less than 16 if you don’t think all the options are worthy BUT you cannot vote for more than 16 of the choices.

Thanks to all who played along previously, cheers!



May 31, 2013

Ah. Well the first problem with this iPad app is that you don’t want to try and ticker with your post pre-publishing it … or you might accidentally discard it! SOB!

So here’s another try and writing it all out again.

Ok, so one of the drawbacks on not having been to the UK for 8 years is that I lost out on visiting a number of Cafes as they’ve already closed. I would have loved to have incorporated Nottingham or Birmingham this time around. Alas, this trip I’m only going to get to visit London and Manchester in the UK.

The trip out to Manchester is just over 2 hours by train from London and it goes by pretty quickly. I will say the instructions from the Hard Rock website could be a bit more helpful in providing info on the tram line to Shudehill station but once I figured that out on the platform, I guess it wasn’t hard to get to the Cafe. The weather was pretty miserable (and I’m from rainy BC!) so I couldn’t imagine walking, it’s a pretty far distance but doable if you have the time to kill.

The Cafe is located in the Printworks building and doesn’t have the typical guitar sign over the front door but rather a rather large guitar that runs the length of the facade. Compared to London, the inside is large, seating probably some 400+ people and includes a lounge. They have great memorabilia from full drum sets to David Bowie outfits, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Oasis items.

Unfortunately, Manchester gets my negative rant regarding the Rock Shop. With the amount of Cafes failing, I will never understand how many times there is sold out stock of basic merchandise. Manchester had no shot glasses, no alternative magnets, no bottle openers and a few other items I was asked to pick up. I get how a limited edition pin can be gone but how can there be no standard shot glasses? This location has also never had a city shot, talk about a big missed opportunity! Considering that I’m only in the UK a week and made a special trip out to Manchester, pretty much for the Cafe, this was significant loss of sales. I had a long list and came away with less than half of what I needed. Come on Manchester, stock up for the next collector!

The staff on the other hand were crazy friendly! My waitress was a fellow Canadian, so that was pretty cool. I was even able to trade a few Seattle pins (I know, what’s happening here!?!) and picked up some sold out Manchester pins for a few friends.

The train back had a bit of excitement in that my trip was cancelled… thankfully I made it to the station in time to hear the announcer asking for passengers on my train to catch the current one heading back to London, which was leaving in 3 minutes! Only time I’ve traveled on Virgin Trains and I’m not sure how often this happens but holy crap, that was a panic moment! Back in London though so all ends well for the day.